About Us

CEFCU is a Credit Union, a financial cooperative owned by every member who borrows and saves here. Credit Unions are different than banks, which are owned by stockholders and ultimately exist to maximize profits for their investors, who may not even be customers of the bank.

At CEFCU, earnings are returned to every CEFCU member/owner in the form of higher savings dividends, lower loan rates, and fewer fees.

Members First

You can see the CEFCU difference in the way your money is handled.

  • Deposit “Cut-Off” Times: At CEFCU, deposits made before 6 p.m. (CT) weekdays and 3 p.m. Saturdays are credited that day. (At many banks, the deposit cut-off is 3 p.m. or even earlier!)
  • Transaction Processing: At CEFCU, deposits are generally credited first, which means you’ll likely have fewer overdrafts and overdraft fees.

Helping people is what CEFCU is all about, and we strive to provide member/owners the resources and knowledge to become financially self-sufficient and successful. Contact CEFCU to find out why members just have it better!